Online Elementary School – 1st up to 5th grade

K12 Online School — A Path From Kindergarten to Graduation

From the very first steps in your education path all the way to high school graduation, Edulab is your reliable partner. Start your education journey by exploring our schooling program.

International Accredited Online K12 Schooling

Education World Wide is an international and accredited K12 online school. K12 means that we cover programs from kindergarten to grade 12 (age 5 to 18). In other words, we are a complete online educational system for students at ElementaryMiddle, and High School.

Education World Wide is a private school registered in the Florida Department of Education, United States of America. Our school code is 4627.

In addition, the curriculum is completely accredited in the United States of America, by the State of Florida, and by Cognia. As an added benefit, the program is approved by the NCAA (National College Athletic Association in the USA) as nontraditional core-course legislation. That means our students have an opportunity to get a sports scholarship from US colleges in NCAA Divisions. All documents issued by the Education World Wide school are accepted and recognized worldwide.

How K12 Online School Works?

At Education World Wide, students learn through an online learning platform, and they also have live online classes with teachers and tutors. K12 online schooling is different from traditional schools in so many ways, but it has many benefits. Our students can create an individual learning plan, learn at their own pace and get high-quality knowledge. Online schools offer flexible schedules for learning. Students don’t lack social interaction, thanks to the group and individual online classes.

The school year at EduWW begins whenever the student wants. We don’t follow the regular school calendar, and we have open enrollments throughout the entire year. That means that you can enroll or transfer any time of the year. Regardless of when the student enrolls, they will get ten months to complete the grade.

Our K12 online curriculum has a strong base in the following subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Science. Students have these four core subjects every year, but the program is adapted and upgrades in each grade level. Besides that, the curriculum also has elective subjects, and our students get to choose two electives per year. Through electives, they get to explore personal interests and learn about things they are passionate about.

The Platform and Self-Paced Learning

The online learning environment enables students to learn at their own pace. That is one of the major differences in comparison to traditional schooling. A student can learn at a personal tempo, mostly thanks to a virtual learning platform. The platform is a learning management system, and each student has a personal profile. Once they enroll, teachers will add learning material for specific grades to the student’s profile.

A student can access all lessons and assignments in each subject 24/7. That enables them to learn whenever they want and for as long as they wish. At the same time, the platform measures the progress of students. He or she can see anytime how far they’ve come and what awaits them in the following days.

With so many features, it is hard to explain the platform in words, so if you are curious to see how it looks like, you can book a meeting with our consultant, and they can do the platform presentation. K12 Online School can be a good fit for students of all ages, but it does require different study habits which are not hard to establish. As a matter of fact, they are intuitive and come naturally for many students.

Online Classes and Tutoring Support

While learning only in the platform will suffice, Education World Wide also offers live online classes. Therefore, they can arrange full-time online schooling by combining online classes and learning on the platform. We believe that having a tutor or teacher will vastly improve a student’s online learning experience. Our teachers have an individual approach to each child and adjust teaching styles to students’ needs.

Our school offers two types of online classes — individual and group. Individual classes are one on one sessions with a tutor that a student can book whenever they like. Group classes enable students to connect with their peers in a virtual environment and work in a group. These classes are monitor and led by teachers. Group classes have predetermined timetables, but as a school that works with international students, we try to cover all time zones.

Observer Account For Parents

Even though it is an online school, we make sure that parents are involved. They can monitor every step of their child’s education in their own time, as well. If a parent requests so, we can create an observer account on the platform, through which they can monitor their child’s progress.

Likewise, parents are free to book a short consultation with a tutor and get a better insight into their child’s schooling. At the same time, our tutors send feedback to parents addressing potential issues that a student has and suggesting a solution on how to work on them.

Eur 3.000,00 / School Year + VAT